Sami Tamimi

Sami Tamimi
Chicken musakhan

Recipe from Sami Tamimi‚Äôs cookbook, Falastin Serves four Musakhan is the hugely popular national dish of Palestine. Growing up, Sami ate it once a week, pulling a piece of chicken and sandwiching it between a piece of pita or flatbread.…

Chilled cucumber and tahini soup with spicy pumpkin seeds

Recipe from Sami Tamimi’s cookbook, Falastin If you want something to be rich and creamy and vegan all at once, tahini is often the big secret, ingredient-wise. Swirled in a sauce, a dressing, or a soup, as here, tahini is…

With ‘Falastin,’ Chef Sami Tamimi Redefines Palestinian Cuisine

Sami Tamimi, one of the most successful Palestinian chefs in the world and co-owner of the Ottolenghi chain of restaurants in London, presents a fusion of traditional and contemporary cuisine in his latest book. He also explains what his beef…

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