With ‘Falastin,’ Chef Sami Tamimi Redefines Palestinian Cuisine

Sami Tamimi, one of the most successful Palestinian chefs in the world and co-owner of the Ottolenghi chain of restaurants in London, presents a fusion of traditional and contemporary cuisine in his latest book. He also explains what his beef…

Volunteer Opportunities – Can you help?

Palestine Fair Trade Australia is a registered charity and social enterprise which brings fair trade, artisanal Palestinian products available across Australia. We are committed to providing advocacy for human rights in Palestine as well as supporting women, artisans and farmers…

The Rise of Palestinian Food

12 February 2020, The New York Times Style Magazine Cookbook authors and chefs are arguing for their place at the table — to chronicle recipes, safeguard ingredients and assert a sense of humanity. By Ligaya Mishan THE CARROTS, KNOWN as…

How Reem Kassis Became the International Face of Palestinian Cuisine

‘I swore I would never go into the kitchen and would be a career woman, and in the end I found myself writing a cookbook,’ says the author of ‘The Palestinian Table’ 14 September 2019, by Ronit Vered, Haaretz All…

Preserving Palestinian Culture, One Seed at a Time

13 July 2018, The Village Voice The Heirloom Seed Library is animated by the same spirit of Slow Food in Italy and of community gardens in New York… It’s the idea that no one can be truly free if he…

Made in Palestine

Summer 2017, The Cairo Review Expansion of Israeli settlements, restriction on access to water, and land confiscation are displacing Palestinians from agricultural livelihoods they have known for centuries. But olive tree growers and backyard gardeners are refusing to surrender their…

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